How to Make Your Own Lean

purple drank lean

Lean, also known as Purple drank lean, is an energy drink, made from a mixture of hard candy and cough syrup. The product originated in Houston, Texas and is still popular among those who live in the south or in the urban music culture. It has a unique flavor that is sweet but can also be sour depending on the brand and the amount you consume. Many people find the taste to be very bitter. There are different brands of lean and one of them is lean.

People who drink purple drank will often become irritable due to the taste and sour taste. There is no known medical or legal reason why this is the case, but it does not have to be a problem. Many people try to drink this as a diet supplement, but because the sweet taste can cause stomach cramps, people try to drink it as a substitute for something else. Many people claim that there is no taste from the purple drink at all. However, some people feel the need to taste it, even if they cannot smell or taste it.

One of the ingredients in purple drink is cough syrup. This is used to help dissolve fat from the stomach and make it easier to digest. This is also used to aid in weight loss because it causes the metabolism to slow down. There are other substances mixed into lean that include amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Some of these are natural and others are not.

Lean and its related products are sold in many different places. There are websites where people can purchase the product and there are health food stores that carry it. The purple drink is available in many different flavors. Some people buy lean as an energy drink while others prefer to drink lean as a diet supplement. The reason some people prefer to drink lean as an energy drink is that they do not want to have to feel fatigued after consuming it.

Even though there are some reports that lean can be harmful, there are some who swear by purple drank. and use it for weight loss and other uses. There are no known side effects to drinking lean. If you are concerned about your body weight and are taking any medications such as anti-diuretics or diabetes medicines, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about the diet supplement you are taking and see if you could combine it with lean for weight loss. or other reasons.

Most people do not like the taste of purple drink and often say it is too bitter. You can use other alternatives such as orange, apple, strawberry, or lemonade or just make your own mixture and enjoy the taste of lean and still keep your energy levels high while maintaining your appetite.

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